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My Life Story

Ok, so it's not my WHOLE life, but since I've been in a serious crafting funk lately, I'm entertaining you with stories of my life! Isn't this fun? Well, at least it is for me!

I was born and raised in Maryland, and I loved it. I love the humidity, I love bright green plants, I love driving through tree tunnels, I love the diversity, I love being so close to D.C., I just love it. It's so...not boring over there. I miss it a lot, the east coast is the place to be! I'm the oldest of 4 kids, I have two brothers and a sister. Jordan is 20, and he's currently serving a 2 year mission for our church (LDS/Mormon) in Seattle, Washington. I miss him, I haven't seen him for almost a year. Brandon will be a senior in high school and he is one of the smartest and funniest kids I know. Allie is going to a be a freshman in high school and does everything: gymnastics, cheerleading, multiple theater productions, she's on fi-yuh! My dad is super smart and full of stories and edits documents that most people couldn't even understand. My mom is a substitute (like me!) and is a very talented seamstress and taught me a lot of what I know now. I also have a cat, Jellybean, and I love her more than a human should love an animal.

Brandon, Jordan, David, Dad
Allie, me, Mom

My sweet baby Jellybean!!!!!

I also have a great set of in-laws. They live a half hour away from my family back home and it's great! I love being able to see my family and David's family. He is the oldest of four and has three younger sisters. Chrisie is attending BYU and is about to finish her degree. Elisa has her own horse and is a very talent rider. Carolyn is in middle school and is the baby of the family. His dad is a computer programmer and his mom is a very talented wood crafter.

From the left: David's mom, David's Dad, David, me, Elisa, Carolyn, and Chrisie. 

I used wedding pictures because they're really the only ones I have where everyone is together. It's hard with so many of us living in different states. 

Anyway, moving forward in life. In elementary school I wanted to be an artist. I still do, I love drawing, painting, sketching and sculpting. I loved school, and I was very friendly. My 8th birthday party had to be held outside because everyone wouldn't fit inside! (Good thing I have a spring birthday huh?) I participated in a lot of sports (even karate!) but I loved gymnastics the most. 

In middle school I started to solidify my interests, taking art classes and a sewing class. I loved both, but after a little mishap with the sewing machine (I sewed my finger, full story here) I stuck with art (a little less hazardous). In high school I took up different sports after I "retired" from gymnastics (gymnasts peak really, really young in life, and usually "retire" very young as well). I ran cross country, long and short distance track, and I managed the tennis team. I took pottery classes to expand my artistic horizon, but I found that my real passion was with teaching. I took child development and I taught at a preschool and realized I loved it, so that's what I decided to major in in college. I was even lucky enough to combine my love for art and my love for teaching into one job as an art teacher at summer camp.

I LOVED college. I went to BYU-Idaho and graduated last year. I met some of the most amazing people and had the time of my life! My first two years were spent dating (no kidding here, I was a HUGE flirt and I went on dates with anyone and everyone. I once went on three dates in a day and five dates in one weekend (all with different people, I should add). I was extremely social, my weekends were never dull. Yet, I still managed to get good grades. I got lucky! Just before my junior year I met my husband at an airport (full, and very good story I might add, here.) We fell in love and were married the next year. Since then I have finished college and have a degree in Elementary Education and David will be done in July. 

Since I'm graduated and have free time for the first time in...forever, I took up crafting. I love creating, I love sewing, I love drawing, and I'm taking advantage of all my free time to indulge my interests! 

So that's my life! Hope it was at least semi interesting. :) Enjoy your hump day!

Update: Just because, here is a list of things I love.
I love David.
I love my family (all of them!).
I love my church.
I love cats (ESP my Jellybean!).
I love pink.
I love sewing, crafting, and cooking. 
I love tiny things.
I love going to the movies.
I love old men.
I love Salem Saberhagen.
I love free stuff.
I love thunderstorms. 
I love macaroni and cheese.
I love thrift stores.
I love checking the mail (ESP when there is a package for me. :D)
I love a clean house.
I love lemonade. 
I love buying fabric.
I love spring.
I love a lot of things, I'll probably add more later :)

Things I don't love...
I don't like bees, I am terrified of them.
I don't like jerk drivers.
I don't like moving.
I don't like being ignored.
I don't like it when characters I like are killed on shows I watch. 

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Chris King said...

awesome story, love the pic of Jelly Bean, what a cutie.

The Harris Family said...

What a fun post. It was so fun to get to know a little more about you. I also went to byu-I and loved it. Your last dislike cracked me up...I totally agree. Thanks for linking up to this weeks craft challenge.