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I did it!! I took on Simplicity 2414 and won!! Mwahahaha! I feel so accomplished, even though my mom basically walked me through it (and bought it for me...and bought me the material), I still conquered a pattern.  Woot! Now I feel ready to take on another one AND I have a new, ruffly blue skirt!

The pattern said "1 hour" but it def took me almost all day yesterday. Sad!I screwed up a lot and my seam ripper and I became very close. 

And you see that? That's a button hole!!! It took 12 tries but I made a button hole! I'm a really visual learner and the directions were all written out. I was so confused! But everything turned out nicely. I wore it out and no one gave me a look that said "What in the world are you wearing?" :)

And now the reveal of my "secret" project! A secret project that was NOT my own idea, but the idea of Trey and Lucy. Button earrings! I LOVE them!! They are SO easy to make (I made three pairs in one minute!) and so versatile! I wanted mine to look like these earrings from Anthropologie. Mine cost about 5 cents to  make, as apposed to $18 from Anthro? That's like getting them 99.998% off! Score!

I love them! You can find buttons to go with any outfit and customize you look for practically free. Go on a try it! I'll be trying out some more patterns. :)


Lydia said...

Hooray!!! Patterns intimidate me to no end and I have yet to make it through one. And super props on making inexpensive anthro earrings!

Melanie said...

Amie, your comment was under mine for the US Craftaholics gift exchange! That means... I'll need your address so I can send you a little something to make June (and July and the rest of whenever) a little more exciting :)

April said...

I have a sewing machine... now i just have to learn how to use it. I wish you were closer so you could help!!