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Happy 25th Birthday David!!

Today is the hubs 25th birthday! The majority of his trip away has been bearable, but today I really miss him. Last year I was Girls Camp director, and Girls Camp happened during his birthday. I was able to sneak home for a few hours, but I was sad because it's his special day you know? I wanted to make it special! This year I was excited because I wasn't going to have anything to do, but then his expedition overlapped! I don't know, I just feel bad, it's his day and I can't do anything for him except call him (which I did, at midnight :D). We're going to celebrate tomorrow (he gets home late tonight...I mean early tomorrow morning!) but it's just not the same. It's funny, I'm the one getting all sad about this, he doesn't care at all. :P

(Don't you love it when you find a song that EXACTLY portrays how your feeling? Incubus-I Miss You, does exactly that. Every single word!!!)

On a happier note, I also conquered another pattern!! Simplicity 5314, A. It took a while, but I wasn't on the phone nearly as long with my mom this time (not that I don't like talking to my mom...)! And I wasn't nearly as frustrated! I'm getting better! Woot!! I'll make David model it and post a picture later.

And just because he's so handsome...

This is his birthday last year, I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, all from scratch! It was a real learning experience for me! This year I'm making him homemade banana ice cream...I hope he likes it!

Bad News....David missed his flight. I hate everything right now. :(

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Busy Mummy said...

Ohhhh I am so sorry you are missing your hubby. I know exactly how you feel!!!! Love the new template too! :) Keep smiling.